As a business owner, when you embark on an email campaign, you want to have a goal and a strategy to reach that goal. One essential piece of that strategy is to nurture your audience with value-driven content. You now have a direct line of communication with them via email, so you want to be sure that you are offering important information that feels like it’s worth their time. 


Lead Nurture is the process of building trust with potential customers. You do this by providing valuable content that helps your business grow and maintain a relationship with future customers. One way to build this relationship is through telling your story. Stories connect people, and they can be a great tool for building your brand and trust with your audience. Creating a “story inventory” in a document can also serve as a valuable tool for you. Just jot down stories or ideas as they come to mind and store them in a folder for easy access. When it’s time to create an email, you will have all these valuable stories to pull from. 


One of the ways to build this relationship with your audience through lead nurturing is with these three words: know, like, and trust. Your audience needs to know you, like you, and trust you! You must be nurturing your audience before you give them a call to action; otherwise, how will they know you are trustworthy? This is leading with value, which is your story, before you give a call to action. If you come at your audience with only a call to action and you have not been building this relationship with valuable stories, your emails will come off as pushy and salesy. People are more likely to buy into something when they know, like, and trust you! 


Another rule to help with this as you build your email content is the 80/20 rule. This helps you naturally build trust with your audience. 80% of your emails are value content, like your story, and then 20% is the call to action. You’re naturally building trust with your audience with this rule so that when you give a call to action, they really trust your business and what you’re doing. 

Remember, when it comes to an email campaign, Lead Nurture is essential as part of your strategy. Create a story inventory and build that trust through your value-driven content! Use the 80/20 rule to help balance your value-driven content with your call to action. With these concepts in mind, your audience is sure to get to know you, like you, and trust you!

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